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KESSEL staff plant fruit trees

In a joint campaign, the staff of KESSEL AG have planted a meadow orchard on the company premises. "Twenty-one fruit trees and ten berry bushes have been planted on what until now was wasteland. Each department has a tree...[more]


New pumping station wet installation

Aqualift F XL and Aqualift S XL with powerful range of pumps for grey and black water KESSEL AG launches two new pumping stations for wet installation onto the market with Aqualift F XL and Aqualift S XL Ø 1000 mm. They thus...[more]

Category: Lifting Stations


Backwater classic with modern technology

The new Staufix combines innovation with safe backwater protection The Staufix backwater valve has stood for reliable backwater protection for over 40 years. KESSEL AG will be presenting the new Staufix for the first time at the...[more]

Category: Backwater Protection


Small lifting station with extremely powerful macerator

Minilift from KESSEL performs better than required by the standardFrom large quantities of wastewater in industrial buildings to small lifting stations – KESSEL offers a suitable solution for every need. The Lenting-based...[more]

Category: Lifting Stations


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