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12.01.2017 07:50 Age: 2 yrs
Category: Backwater Protection

Backwater classic with modern technology

The new Staufix combines innovation with safe backwater protection

The Staufix backwater valve has stood for reliable backwater protection for over 40 years. KESSEL AG will be presenting the new Staufix for the first time at the BAU 2017. “Modern and technically innovative products are a trademark of KESSEL AG. We are also constantly putting existing products to the test. Our focus here is always on the product quality so that we can guarantee functional reliability and easy installation,” explains Reinhard Späth, Marketing Manager of KESSEL AG.

New design and easy installation

The new Staufix comes with detachable removeable in- and outlets for easy installation, especially during renovations. It also has an integrated upper section with continuous height adjustment for installation in a concrete slab/floor, and the possibility of fitting in waterproof concrete. The Staufix has not only a different technology but a new look too. This new backwater valve is black, to match the premium range of backwater valves from KESSEL AG. And it is much more compact than its predecessor. “Apart from the basic version, there is also a second Staufix model, the “Staufix Control”, says Späth. This second model type is equipped with a signal sensor that triggers and alarm if backwater is detected. This offers home owners even greater security. The one-handed snap closure on the cover and the additional nominal width Ø 100 mm make this new product very easy to handle. So the new Staufix from KESSEL once again sets the standard in backwater protection.


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