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21.07.2017 11:02 Age: 2 yrs

KESSEL staff plant fruit trees

In a joint campaign, the staff of KESSEL AG have planted a meadow orchard on the company premises. "Twenty-one fruit trees and ten berry bushes have been planted on what until now was wasteland. Each department has a tree for which it is responsible and which is looked after by its staff members," says Gerhard Kraemer, environmental officer at KESSEL AG. The planting campaign was part of the Environment Day that takes place twice a year at KESSEL AG. "Environmental protection is not just a subject for the management. It is our wish to actively involve as many staff as possible." explains Kraemer. "Planting trees and looking after them in the long term promotes a sense of community among the personnel, while also providing new ways of spending breaks together on the works premises." Both the tree planting campaign and the Environment Days at KESSEL AG are important integral parts of the company's Environmental Protection and Energy Management System that has been certified since 2012. This also includes the cogeneration plant that went into operation in 2016 and supplies the company with efficient and resource-friendly energy.


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