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12.01.2017 14:39 Age: 2 yrs
Category: Lifting Stations

New pumping station wet installation

New pumping stations for large scale applications

Aqualift F XL and Aqualift S XL with powerful range of pumps for grey and black water

KESSEL AG launches two new pumping stations for wet installation onto the market with Aqualift F XL and Aqualift S XL Ø 1000 mm. They thus replace and extend the range of pumps available up to now in the Komfort chamber system. Aqualift S XL is suitable for use with rainwater or grey water, Aqualift F XL is designed to pump black water. The pumping stations have been conceived as modular systems. Each consists of a technology and chamber module that can be combined depending on the field of use. The broad and powerful range of pumps with a capacity of up to 4 kW allows a reliable drainage of wastewater. The systems have the necessary pump capacity depending on the type and amount of wastewater as well as modified control elements: from a float or submersible pressure switch for systems to pump grey water through to a level probe for more powerful pumps. This allows a variable adjustment of the switching heights in the collecting tank as necessary. Systems in a explosion-protected version are also available.

Resistant to groundwater and with lift protection

The plastic material permits a quick and easy installation. The Aqualift F XL and The Aqualift S XL pumping stations are resistant to groundwater down to 3 metres and have lift protection. The inspection chamber with an inner diameter of 1,000 millimetres is easily accessible and has access steps in accordance with the specifications of the employer’s liability insurance association and standards. The structural design of the system means that it can be serviced from outside too.

Self-diagnosis system with display

The Ø 1000 mm pumping stations for wet installation are equipped with a plug-in control unit. The comfort version comes with a self-diagnosis system SDS and a display. Control units are available for grey and black water depending on the type of wastewater.


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