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07.06.2016 10:20 Age: 2 yrs
Category: Lifting Stations

Small lifting station with extremely powerful macerator

Minilift from KESSEL performs better than required by the standard
From large quantities of wastewater in industrial buildings to small lifting stations – KESSEL offers a suitable solution for every need. The Lenting-based draining specialists have now completed their range of lifting stations with the Minilift F. The small lifting station for free-standing set-up disposes of wastewater from the toilet in accordance with EN 12050-3 and has a further two Ø 40 mm connections available which can be connected to a shower or bidet, for example. The installed pump is equipped with the SharkTwister, an especially powerful stainless steel macerator for wastewater with or without sewage. A long-term stress test has proved the high quality and operational safety. “Our objective was to offer a system that not only satisfies the requirements of the market in terms of quality and operational safety, but also exceeds the requirements specified in the standard. We have achieved this objective: our customers are on the safe side with the Minilift F,” says Jan Martin, Product Manager at KESSEL.

Fast installation and straightforward maintenance
Thanks to the powerful macerator, a diameter of Ø 28 to 34 mm is sufficient for the pressure line to the next sewage pipe. This means little effort is required even for retro-fit installation. The direct toilet connection allows installation behind the toilet with minimum space requirement. The separate dry area for motor and control makes clean and straightforward maintenance possible. The pump can be removed in no time. Minilift F is equipped with a pneumatic level control and an acoustic alarm function. Installation can be done by a plumber, a qualified electrician is not required.

Lifting stations according to EN 12050-3

EN 12050-3 defines and determines lifting stations for restricted use for domestic, not commercial wastewater containing sewage below the backwater level. This means: lifting stations according to EN 12050-3 may only be connected to a single toilet with a small number of users in the private sector.


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