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2. General Data Privacy Statement

By using our website, and in the event that contracts and orders are implemented, you agree to the collection, processing and use of data pursuant to the description below.

What type of information do we collect?

In principle, you do not need to register to visit our website. During that process, data such as the pages accessed or the names of the accessed file, date and time will be stored on the server for statistical purposes, whereby this data cannot be directly attributed to your person.

However, for some services or areas associated with this site, you will be asked to register if you have not done so already, and you will be asked to transmit information about yourself and/or your company, such as name, occupation, e-mail address, customer number and other information that enables us to provide you with services and information. In these cases, Kessel AG has a justified interest to process your personal data, since this information is required to provide you with the services and information. Personal data, particularly name, address or e-mail address is collected on a voluntary basis where possible. No data is forwarded to third parties without the existence of a legal basis or your consent. We may ask you for additional information if you utilise specific services such as configurators or calculation programmes on our website. 

We may also collect other personal information if you send us comments or participate in surveys and data research.

When you visit our website, we will collect certain information about routing and the technical data of your computer to facilitate your use of our website. For example, we use a web server to register e.g. environmental data such as browser type, operating system, access information, referrer URL and the speed of your main computer as well as the internet protocol address of your original internet service provider to optimise the service. We also store search requests and results to improve the accuracy and efficiency of our search engine. We use your IP address for statistical purposes to be able to track your use of this site. None of this information can be used to draw inferences about your person.

To whom do we forward your data?

We do not sell your e-mail address or other identifying information to third parties. But we will forward your information to companies that are part of the Kessel group of companies or their trading partners, or to selected third parties in order to pursue the objectives that have been outlined in this guideline, other times that we are in contact with you, or on the site. For example, in order to implement an order at Kessel AG, we are required to forward your personal data for processing to contract partners who look after the implementation of the order, process the shipment or provide additional services. This is also done for the delivery of advertising and information material that may be of interest to you.

We forward information about you to others if we believe, in good faith, by operation of law or on the basis of a legal process, that we are required to respond to claims or must protect the rights, property or security of Kessel AG or others.


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