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6. Security of your data and duration of storage

All technical and organisational security measures will be taken to protect the personal data you have provided to us against unauthorised access. When sending very sensitive data or information, it is recommended that regular post is used, since full data security cannot be warranted for e-mails.

The personal data you have provided will be stored at the admissible scope for the duration of the use of the website or in the event that information or other services are rendered, taking into account of the main principles of the GDPR and BDSG. The personal data of the data subject is erased or blocked as soon as the purpose for the storage no longer applies. Data may be stored for longer periods if this is required by the European or national legislator in EU regulations, laws or other provisions that apply to the data controller. Data will also be blocked or erased if a retention period specified by the aforementioned standards expires, unless the data must continue to be stored for the closing or implementation of a contract.

Websites frequently use the Like buttons of Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. At the same time, these buttons already send data to the operators of the network platforms when the page is loaded - i.e. without the visitor doing anything else. With the two-click solution selected by us, the Like buttons must be activated with a separate click before the actual function is made available.


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