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Installation and servicing

Once the right backwater valve has been selected, it has to be installed professionally. Particular care must be taken that the backwater valve is never installed directly in the main underground pipe. In this case, the drains above the backwater level would also be drained through the valve, although they do not require extra protection. When backwater occurs, the backwater valve closes and prevents wastewater getting into the building. If the drains above the backwater level are used during backwater, however, the main underground pipe will fill and the wastewater will be discharged through the connections in the cellar. In other words, you will flood yourself. To prevent this happening, only the drains which are actually in danger of backwater be drained and protected by a backwater valve.

Safety through servicing

One important point is the regular servicing and inspection of the system in order to guarantee proper operation of the backwater valves. Alongside the requirements of the revised standard DIN 1986, Part 3, which prescribes regular servicing by an expert every six months, the servicing and maintenance requirements of individual manufacturers must also be taken into account. Backwater protection is a matter for experts. Only professional installation and regular servicing of the complete drainage system by a plumber will ensure maximum and long-term safety.

Caution: Maintain your insurance protection by having your draining system serviced regularly!

The main selection and application criteria for backwater protection systems depend on numerous factors. In particular, the operator's wishes, the object to be drained, the position of the sewage pipe, type of wastewater and respective norm requirements must all be taken into account.


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