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Staufix Ø 50 and Ø 75

Twin flap backwater valves Staufix 50, 75 and Staufix Siphon

Smallest backwater protection device with big protection

Staufix Ø 50 – the first twin-flap backwater valve in accordance with EN 13564 in Ø 50. Preventative backwater protection in new buildings and ideal for renovation, with two automatically closing flaps, one of which has a manually lockable emergency closure. Also works as backflow protection and stops wastewater from other draining points or accommodation units flowing in, can also be used as a rodent stop. The twin-flap backwater valves Staufix Ø 50 and Ø 75 also permit optimum pipe cleaning, maintenance can be carried out without any tools being necessary. Easy-fit wall fixtures are also included in the scope of supply.

    Multiple applications ...

    • ... Ø 50 or Ø 75 exposed drainage pipe
    • ... washbasins with odour traps
    • ... washbasins with odour traps and washing machine connection
    • ... furnace condensation water overflow

    Product Advantages:

    • Preventative backwater protection in new construction – also excellent for renovation.
    • Unique twin flap system according to Norm.
    • Quick and problem free installation.
    • Prevents flooding from additional wastewater drainage pipes connected to same drainage system.
    • Easy maintenance and service with tool free finger clips.
    • Complete polymer construction - no more rust.
    • Also usable for rodent protection.

    Product Details: Staufix Ø 50 / Ø 75

    Product Details: Staufix Siphon Ø 50


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