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Staufix FKA – Motorized Backwater Valves

Motorized backwater valve Staufix FKA installed in a concrete slab/floor

Premium Backwater Valve with Motorized Flap

Central backwater protection according to EN 13564 Type 3 F that in the event of backwater automatically closes the motorized flap and opens said flap once the threat of backwater has passed.


Developed for the protection of drains beneath the backwater level, that may permissibly fall out of use during the backwater phase. Suitable for wastewater that includes sewage.


  • Toilets, sinks, showers, bathtubs, washing machines etc.
  • Basements


  • Free gradient to the main sewer
  • Rooms with low priority use according to DIN 12056-4

Must not be used:

  • For draining wastewater collected above the backwater level
  • For rainwater, with the exception of basement stairways up to 5 m²

Functional Characteristics

Product Advantages:

  • Self-diagnosis System (SDS) with logbook feature
  • Installation in waterproof concrete
  • Installation ready chamber for installation in a concrete floor
  • Stainless steel anti-rat flap (accessory)
  • Backwater protection even during construction process
  • Removable inlet/outlet connections – also in Ø 200
  • Motorised closure of backwater flap
  • Closing time < 20 seconds - backflow detected when pipe is filled to 80% of capacity
  • Body with only 9 mm gradient
  • Quick, easy and tool-free maintenance
  • Approval according to EN 13564 Typ 3 F
  • Vertically adjustable upper section
  • Removeable inlets/outlets
  • LGA tested

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