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Staufix SWA - Backwater Valves

Twin flap backwater valve Staufix SWA installed in a concrete slab/floor.

The basis for your security

Staufix SWA – backwater valve for wastewater according to EN 13564 Type 2. Protects individual draining elements such as showers, sinks and washing machines which are located below the backwater level. The twin-flap backwater valve Staufix SWA is available as an installation set for installation in a concrete slab / floor and for installation in an exposed wastewater pipe.

The special feature: Staufix SWA can be retrofitted with the conversion kits for Staufix FKA and Pumpfix F – even in its installed state. This is why we recommend providing an empty cable conduit when installing a Staufix SWA.


  • Natural gradient to the main sewer
  • Rooms with lower-priority use according to DIN 12056-4

Must not be used:

  • For draining wastewater collected above the backwater level
  • For rainwater, with the exception of cellar steps up to 5 m²

Functional Characteristics

Product advantages

  • Installation in waterproof concrete
  • Installation ready chamber for installation in a concrete floor
  • Stainless steel backwater flap to keep rats and rodents out (accessory)
  • Backwater protection even during construction phase thanks to 3-stage flap
  • Removable inlet/outlet connections – also in Ø 200
  • Body with only 9 mm gradient
  • Fast and straightforward servicing
  • Approval according to EN 13564 Typ 2
  • Optimum pipe cleaning
  • Vertically adjustable upper section
  • Removeable inlets/outlets
  • LGA tested

Product Details


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