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Pumpfix S - Basement drain with backwater valve and pump

Pumpfix S - Basement drain with pump
Perfect for drainage of outdoor basement access steps with additional inlet connections

Wastewater disposal even when water backs up

If wastewater (without sewage only) occurs when the backwater valve is closed, the pump automatically switches on from a certain level and disposes reliably of washwater into the sewer even against backwater pressure.


For safe protection from backwater and draining through floor drains below the backwater level that have to be used even during the backflow phase.


  • Showers, sinks and washing machines
  • Dripwater connections on safety valves and heating equipment
  • Cellar steps up to max. 20 m²


  • Free gradient to the sewage pipe
  • Rooms with lower-priority use according to DIN 12056-4

Must not be used:

  • For draining wastewater collected above the backwater level
  • For rainwater, with the exception of cellar steps

How it works

Regular operation
Regular operation.
Flap is closed
Backwater protection: flap is closed.
Wastewater discharge
Wastewater discharge during backwater.

Product advantages

  • Vertically adjustable upper section for stepless installation in concrete slabs: Rotatable, tiltable, vertically adjustable.
  • Installation in waterproof concrete. Gasket set to prevent groundwater infiltration.
  • Elegant optical appearance due to recessed cover for on-site tiling.
  • Perfect for drainage of outdoor basement access steps with additional inlet connections.
  • Wastewater discharging even during backwater.

Product Details:

Performance Diagram:

Performance diagram KTP 500

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