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Norms and Regulations

Local authorities are not liable

Local authorities are not liable for water damage caused after a so-called once-in-a-hundred-years flood. This decision was taken by the Federal Court of Justice in May 2004. According to this latest judgement, local authorities are not liable for damage caused by sewage systems flooding in the event of force majeure. For the first time, the judges in Karlsruhe also defined when exactly heavy rain is to be classified as force majeure: "In the case of unusually heavy rain that only occurs about every 100 years."

Caution: Local authorities are playing safe and ordering plot owners that they have to protect themselves against backwater.

Safe protection through backwater valves

According to DIN EN 12056, backwater protection is to be provided by wastewater lifting stations. Alternatively, backwater valves can be used. The application requirements according to DIN EN 12056-4 are:

  • There has to be a gradient to the sewage pipe.
  • The rooms must be rooms of low-priority use.
  • This means that in the event of backwater, no great material damage may occur or the health of the inhabitants be impaired.
  • The number of users must be small.
  • There has to be another toilet available above the backwater level.
  • In the event of backwater, it must be possible to do without the draining point.

Which Staufix do you need ?

Depending on the type of installation there are various KESSEL backwater
products to choose from. Check your country's EN 13564 backwater
valve requirements for what type of valve is certified for use in your
situation. In the case that this information is not available in your area,
please contact KESSEL directly and we will glad to recommend a product
best matching your needs. KESSEL offers a complete line of fully
certified backwater valves from Type 0 thru Type 5.

For in-line wastwater pipes
Type 0 KESSEL Staufix ® 71... Series
Type 1 KESSEL Staufix ® 72... and Eurofix-Clausio
Type 2 KESSEL Staufix ® 73... and SWA
Type 3 KESSEL Staufix ® FKA, Pumpfix F

For floor drains
Type 4 KESSEL Single flap floor drains
Type 5 KESSEL Pumpfix S, Drehfix, "the Universal", Volatile liquid traps


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