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Volatile liquid traps (heating oil stops) with or without backwater valve according to EN 1253-3 and 5

Light liquid stop

With slotted cover made of polymer, removable sludge trap and odour trap. Option with twin flap backwater valve according to EN 13564 Type 5.

Flow rate:

  • with backwater valve: 1.0 l/s
  • without backwater valve: 1.8 l/s

Installation advantages

  • Easy installation thanks to variable upper cover section: can be turned, tilted and height-adjusted
  • Seal with adapter and counter flange art. no. 27298 against floor moisture
  • Alternative seal with shallow bed cover art no. 48968
  • Higher load classes up to 12.5 to (Cl. B) with upper cover section and slotted cover made of cast material art. no. 48985
  • Installation in impermeable concrete with special gasket set for protection from water load
  • Twin flap backwater valve can be retrofitted
  • Quick and easy cleaning thanks to one-hand snap closure
  • Easy installation
  • Seal with adapter and counter flange
  • Higher load classes
  • Alternative seal with shallow bed upper section
  • Installation in impermeable concrete

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