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Basement drain "the Universal" made of PP according to EN 13564 Type 5

Basement drain "the Universal"

With twin flap backwater valve - ideal for new buildings!

Reliably backs up individual draining elements such as showers, sinks and washing machines below the backwater level when connected to the drain.

Product advantages

  • Installation in waterproof basements. Safe sealing against pressing water with special gasket set.
  • Alternative seal with shallow bed upper section Art. # 48 968.
  • Hand-lockable emergency closure.
  • Tool-free maintenance: Fast and simple cleaning with one-hand quick-release fastener.
  • Variable upper section for stepless installation in concrete slabs: rotatable, tiltable, height adjustable.
  • Three lateral inlets ( 2 xØ 50 and 1 xØ 75) are attached as standard. Inlets that are not needed are closed with special socket plugs.
  • Variable upper section
  • Three fixed inlets as standard
  • Tool-free maintenance

Product Details:

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