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Bathroom Drain Classic - Compact And High Performance

Bathroom drain Classic

Bathroom / shower drain made of ABS, with lateral or vertical outlet in Ø 50 mm or Ø 75 mm, flow rate 0.9 l/s. With removable odor trap. With fixed lip seal. With height-adjustable upper section made of ABS.

Installation advantages

  • Easy installation thanks to variable upper section
  • Sealing system safe to install thanks to fixed lip seal
  • Easy servicing thanks to removable odor trap
  • Multistop - waterless odor trap, foam and insect stop available as accessory
  • Easy installation
  • Fixed sealing ring
  • Multistop

Product Details: Art. # 40150.54

Product Details: Art. # 40159.90

Product Details: Art. # 40150.66

Product Details: Art. # 40150.30

Product Details: Art. # 40250.30


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