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Design Covers for Bathroom Drains

design covers

Design brought to the point

Alongside the award winning design, KESSEL products are manufactured to the highest standards and are also engineered to perform their intended task, flawless drainage. These aspects have made the KESSEL design cover collection the top choice for bathrooms, showers, spas and fitness centers in private, commercial and public areas for the new construction and renovation markets.

  • Design in a nutshell
  • Modern bathrooms are barrier-free
  • Design cover Kessel
  • new line of architecturally designed bathroom drains

Product Advantages:

  • Design covers made of solid stainless steel
  • With or without Lock & Lift locking system
  • Multiple award-winning design covers
  • Easy installation thanks to variable upper section
  • Multistopideal odour trap for drains that dry out frequently (accesory)
  • Hair filter (accessory)

Product Details: System 125

All design covers are also available with our Lock & Lift System. Below you can find a detailed overview of all combination possibilities.

Combination Possibilities:

combination possibilties

Next to the ready-to-install drains, KESSEL offers a modular design for creating your individual bathroom drain. Below you'll find an overview of the combination possibilities.


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