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Bathroom Drain "the Ultraflat" - Ideal For Renovation Work

Installation example bathroom drain "the Ultraflat"

The building restoration market is growing steadily. Already more than 60% of all building activities involve renovation, restoration and extensions. We have come up with suitable products to meet this development. The KESSEL bathroom / shower drain “the Ultraflat” has an extremely flat body and is especially suitable for renovation work.

The Ultraflat - Advantages at a glance

  • Minimum installation height 69 mm
    Makes the bathroom / shower drain ideal for renovation and construction work
design covers
  • Design covers
    made of solid stainless steel, class K 3 / L 15, with or without Lock & Lift locking system
  • Multistop
    Odor, foam, rodent and insect stop available as accessory. Ideal odor trap for bathroom drains that dry out frequently. Can be retrofitted in installed shower drains.
hair sieve
  • Removable hair filter
    available as accessory

  • Design Awards
    Multiple award-winning design covers

Product Details: Art. # 45740.20

Product Details: Art. # 45700.63

Product Details: Art. # 45700.91


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