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Flat roof drains made of Ecoguss and polymer

Flat roof drain Ecoguss

Flat roof drains made of Ecoguss (System 200) or polymer (System 100) are available in the diameters Ø 75, Ø 110 and 125. In addition to a practical leaf trap (basket) to prevent blockages, flat roof drains are also available as an option in heated versions to secure the functional capability.

Functional principle of gravity drainage

Gravity drainage means the flat roof is drained via drains using an inclined pipe system. The pipes are partly filled with water. The maximum filling level may not be exceeded: h/d=0.7 for collecting and mains pipes and f=0.33 for downpipes. The main characteristic of gravity drainage is the discharge of rainwater in a gravity system.

Drainage safety is now regulation !

According to DIN 1986-100 and EN 12056-3 a separate emergency drainage system is regulation for flat roofs to relieve the main drainage during heavy rain. This emergency drainage system acts when a predefined damming height is reached, i.e. when the main drainage system reaches its limits. It should be noted that the emergency system is to drain onto the land freely – either via or through the facade, alternatively via an additional pipe system.
Since the main system drainage pipes are already overloaded during heavy rain, the emergency drainage system may not be connected to these pipes. This is the only way to prevent uncontrolled backflooding and the resulting static overloading of flat roofs.

KESSEL - Professional advantages

  • Corrosion free and sound dampening material
    for elevated sound protection according to DIN 4109 < 30 dB (A)
  • High flow performance
    exceeds regulatory norm requirements
  • Resistant to high temperatures up to 400°C (short-term)
  • Easy installation
    also upgradable after installation to emergency drainage option
  • Full selection of accessories
    to meet all installation requirements
  • Available in Ø 75, Ø 110 and Ø 125
  • Lock & Lift System
    no tools required
  • With integrated heating
    low energy consumption
  • Multistop
    odour, foam, rodent and insect protection (waterless odor trap)
  • Sound dampening
  • Resistant to high temperatures
  • Integrated heating
  • Multistop

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