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KESSEL street gullies Ø 400

Street gully

The system used successfully in standard inspection chambers is now being used in KESSEL street gullies (road drains), too: telescopic upper sections decouple the traffic load from the chamber to the surrounding soil and thus allow the use of weight-optimised polymer chambers. Their weight of only between 10 kg and 15 kg depending on the chamber variant makes them easy to handle, and on-site installation is child's play.
The monolithic chamber guarantees absolute leak-tightness from the base to the very top and its PE material makes it resistant to ageing, corrosion, frost and de-icing salt. KESSEL street gullies have a unique innovation for the system, a rat protection flap that protects servicing staff from disagreeable encounters with rodents.

Installation Advantages

  • Low weight
    For easy transport and low-cost installation.

  • Made of PE-LLD
    Quality material for sewage draining. Shock and break-proof. Corrosion-free and impact resistant (resistant to de-icing salt).

  • Absolutely leak-free
    made from one piece through monolithic design.

  • For load class C 250 / D 400

  • Easy attachment of inlets
    Inlets can be drilled as required on site in the flow direction on the left and right-hand side at angles of up to 90°.
  • Low weight
  • Rat protection flap
  • Flexible shortening
  • Attachment of inlets

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