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Project Drains for Industrial and Public Buildings

Design your own individual project drain simply and specifically and profit from the benefits of  the KESSEL modular system. The drain body, accessories and upper sections can be combined variably into a complete unit  to meet the required application.

  • Floor drain Ecoguss
    Drains made of the high-tech material Ecoguss combine all the benefits of polymer and cast iron drains whilst at the same time guaranteeing the highest level of safety in the building. Available in the diameters Ø 58/78/83/110

  • Floor drain Practicus
    Practicus is a heavy duty project drain made of polymer that is designed for use in public and industrial buildings, but frequently also in private homes. Available in the diameters Ø 50/75/110

Safety in the building with the fire and smoke protection "Fire-Kit"

Fire and smoke protection Fire-Kit
  • Optional for drain bodies Ecoguss and Practicus with vertical outlet

  • Odour trap with a sealing water height of 50 mm according to EN 1253
  • Fire and smoke protection Fire-Kit with approval no. Z-19.17-1719


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