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Ecoguss - the high-tec, metallic composite material

Installation example floor drain Ecoguss

With the Ecoguss drains KESSEL is using a completely new composite material that combines the advantages of cast iron and polymer. With the resultof easy installation and excellent cost-efficiency. With Ecoguss KESSEL offers planners, fitters and operators a low-cost alternative to conventional cast iron drains.

Ecoguss - project drains for clinic, sanatoriums, nursing homes, swimming baths and many other areas of application!

Metallic composite material

Metallic composite material

  • Metallic properties and yet still corrosion-free
  • Replaces primed and epoxied drains
  • No electrical grounding necessary
Honeycomb structure

Simple installation

  • Honeycomb structure for perfect integration into concrete.
  • Can be installed with hot bitumen according to DIN 18195.
  • Connection to moisture barrier.
Sound insulation

Sound insulation

  • Sound-absorbing material
  • Optimum hydraulics
  • For increased sound insulation according to DIN 4109 < 30 dB
Fire and smoke protection

Fire and smoke protection

  • High temperature-resistant materials
  • Briefly up to 400°C, for processing with hot bitumen according to DIN 18195
SML-pipe connection

SML-pipe connection

  • Connection to SML-pipe according to DIN 19522 in Ø 58, 78, 110 and NEW: Ø 83!
  • No more transition sections!
Chemical resistance

Resistance to chemicals

  • Extremely high acid/alkali resistance for wastewater polluted by chemicals.
Design covers

Design covers and shower channels

  • Award-winning drain covers and shower channels
  • With Lock & Lift system for straightforward and low-cost cleaning.

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