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The Linearis Comfort Shower Channel effortlessly combines engineering and design to offer new and creative design concepts for your bathroom. The reversible channel insert can be displayed in the classic stainless steel look or reversed to show the invisible tiled look, also available are custom channel inserts such as a natural wood surface optic, or illuminated versions. Available with the new channels are professionally engineered drain bodies with various waterproofing options and high flow drainage performance. This Linearis Comfort's low profile installation height makes the drainage channel ideal for bathroom renovation work as well as new installations.

General Product Advantages:

height adjustable frame
  • Vertically adjustable frame
    Suitable for natural stone floor coverings
Flow rate
  • High flow rate
    Up to 63 l/min. Suitabele for all types of modern wellness showers
  • Channel locking mechanism as standard
    Easy and safe access for cleaning and maintenace
low installation height
  • Minimum installation height of 93 mm
    Ideal for bathroom renovation and new building
smooth surface
  • Exemplary hygiene
    smooth, easy-clean surface, self-cleaning effect
  • Installation on room or wall side of shower
    Feet can be pivoted away as required for wall-side installation
  • Multistop
    Odour, foam, rodent and insect stop available as accessory. Ideal odor trap for bathroom drains that dry out frequently. Can be retrofitted in installed shower drains.
hair filter
  • Removable hair filter
    available as accessory

Product Literature:

KesselDesign brochure
  • Take a look at the brochure "Shower drainage with style"

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