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Shower Channel Linearis Comfort Wengé / Burl wood

Natural feeling of comfort

Sensually calm. Warm ambiance. A feeling of well-being in tune with nature. The natural wood design options play to this style and can provide either a contrasting or harmonious design element.

  • Linearis Comfort with burl wood cover insert
  • for a natural feeling of comfort
  • Linearis Comfort with wenge cover insert
  • Creative variations for your personal space

Product Advantages:

  • Minimum installation height of 93 mm
  • Vertically adjustable frame. Suitable for natural stone floor coverings
  • Exemplary hygiene – smooth, easy-clean surface, self-cleaning effect
  • Installation on room or wall side of shower
  • High flow rate up to 63 l/min.
  • Multistop odour, foam, rodent and insect stop available as accessory
  • Removable hair filter available as accessory

Product Literature:

KesselDesign brochure
  • Take a look at the brochure "Shower drainage with style"


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