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Shower Channel Linearis Compact

Shower channels in a classic, timeless design. Minimalistic impression fits elegantly in a purist bathroom design. The finely finished channel surface and perimeter stainless steel frame result in a visual interplay between the shimmering matt and glossy surfaces. Most importantly the cover can be installed with the stainless steel surface facing up, or reversed to offer a recessed side where the bathroom tile or natural stone surface can be installed. Two very different visual options, all in the same shower channel.

Installation advantages

  • Installation on room or wall side of shower
  • Stainless steel cover is reversable and tileable
  • Hygienic design – single piece body and channel cover
  • Flow rate with counter slope up to 36 l/min. at 10 mm threshold
  • Flow rate increased to 54 l/min. with use of Multistop odour trap
  • Multistop odour, foam, rodent and insect stop available as accessory
  • Removable hair filter available as accessory
  • Channel lengths: 300mm // 450mm // 550mm // 650mm // 750mm // 850mm // 950mm // 1050mm // 1150mm
  • feet can be shortened
  • Cleaning and maintenance
  • removable odor trap
  • Total installation height

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