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Shower channel drains Linearis Super60

Shower channel Linearis Super60

The Linearis Super60 shower channels offers a very high flow rate of 72 liters per minute making it perfect for use in higher flow applications. The Linearis Super60 also allows full service access to the odor trap and drain body via the removable channel and access cover  for cleaning and maintenance purposes. The attractive stainless steel channel  can also be reversed revealing a recessed area which can be tiled to also offer the “invisible” tiled look. One channel with your choice of two styles - stainless or invisible.

Installation advantages

  • Wide channel with high flow rate of up to 72 l/min.
  • Channel length: 750 mm // 850 mm // 950 mm // 1150 mm.
  • Easy cleaning thanks to access opening.
  • Channel cover can be reversed and tiled on site.
  • Also suitable for installation on door side.
  • Flexible installation
  • rim can be adjusted
  • Full access
  • stainless steel cover
  • reversed and tiled

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