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Shower channel drains Linearis in system 100

Shower channel "Linearis" with bathroom drain "Classic" with additional lateral inlet.

The Linearis shower channel features a narrow, elegant stainless steel channel which can be discreetly integrated into the bathroom design. With a flow capacity of 24 liters per minute the Linearis shower channel is ideal for mounting against the wall at the back of the shower. The integrated perimeter flange can be used for waterproof barrier connection. For cleaning and maintenance purposes the stainless steel channel and tileable access cover can be removed allowing full access to the odor trap and drain body.


Installation advantages

  • Channel length: 750 mm // 850 mm // 950 mm // 1150 mm.
  • Optimum cleaning possibility despite extremely narrow channel.
  • With tilable access cover.
  • Suitable for all humidity waterproof barriers, including shallow bed.
  • Flexible installation
  • Easy cleaning
  • Tilable access cover

Product Details:


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