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Wall Drain Scada

Shower drain

Sophisticated technology, a clear design and flexible installation possibilities offer the preconditions for setting new trends for sophisticated bathroom drainage systems. Discover the wall drain Scada - the creative shower drain without barriers.

Sophisticated technology
Top quality materials, convenient installation conditions and flexible connection options are the hallmarks of the Scada wall drain. Thanks to its external properties and low installation height of just 80 mm to the upper edge of the tiles, it is also ideally suited for renovation projects.

Clear Design
There are four stainless steel drain covers available, one of which can be covered in tiles for almost invisible integration into the bathroom concept. Optionally, the drain can be illuminated in various colours using LEDs. This makes Scada unique.

Flexible Installation
The Scada wall drain offers planners and fitters maximum flexibility when seeking the right solution and allows simple, secure and fast installation whatever the circumstances.

Product Advantages

    • High-quality design
      The wall drain Scada can be combined with each of the four high-quality stainless steel design covers.
    LED colors
    • Atmospheric ambience
      Scada-with LED lights for an atmospheric ambience. There is a choice of four colours. LED velvet red, valley green, pacific blue and RGB (with automatic colour changing). A specific light colour can be programmed on request.
    Wall drain Scada
    • Maximum flexibility
      When fitting one of three freely selectable Ø 50 drain connection options.

    • Lowest installation height
      The Scada wall drain stands out thanks to its flexible installation options. The low installation height of just 80 mm up to the upper edge of the tile makes it ideal for renovation projects.
    Wall drain Scada
    • Rubber-coated installation supports
      for sound decoupling

    • Cable conduit
      Pre-assembled as standard for all LED versions.
    Wall drain Scada
    • Exemplary hygiene as standard
      The odor trap, which is supplied as standard,can be removed for cleaning. The sealingwater height is 22 mm.
    Wall drain Scada
    • Perfect adjustment
      Steplessly adjustable installation supports ensure easy adjustment of installation heights and wall clearances in dry-wall and brick wall constructions.

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