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Highlight – illuminated wall drain is setting bathroom trends

The Geisberger family fulfilled a dream by having their own house built within a period of one year, with owner Stefan Geisberger putting a lot of his own energy and manpower into the building work himself. The family bathroom also played an important role. With a tailor-made layout and colour concept, the family has created a feel-good oasis which fulfils their wishes down to the very last detail. The Geisbergers also set great store by the components and design used for building the barrier-free shower. For this reason, the family chose the illuminated design version of the wall drain Scada.

Own-built bathroom

"We did a lot of the work that was necessary as our house was built. This meant it took a bit longer, but we did save on the cost," Geisberger explains. "It also gave us the opportunity to design the rooms exactly to our own taste." The lighting, which can be adapted to the fuchsia colour design of the bathroom itself and creates an impressive play on colours, is a colourful eye-catcher in the otherwise consciously no-frills shower area.

With installation board and wedge the owner himself put the bathroom in and installed the wall drain. "The wall drain Scada can be installed in three versions: as a dry wall installation, brick and mortar construction or with the aid of an installation board and wedge," Mark Jung, product manager for drains at KESSEL AG, explains. Geisberger installed the drain with the aid of the installation board and wedge. "This installation type is particularly fast and straightforward," he says. The wall drain is already integrated in an installation board, and the wedge used has the required three-sided slope towards the wall drain to ensure the water drains properly. Geisberger routed the drain pipe and the cable conduit for the channel lighting through the pre-fabricated cavities in the installation board. Measuring up was done with great precision, to make sure he positioned the wall drain correctly. He then fixed the installation board and wedge in place with so-called fixing adhesive. Then screed was laid in the whole room. For the drain to be illuminated, the house owner attached the LED strip provided in the drain after installation, inserted the odour trap and then attached the wave design cover. The wall drain lighting is coupled to the bathroom light switch. Geisberger had a qualified electrician connect the wall drain to the lighting.

Installation Video

Scada wall drain installation board


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