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Backwater Lifting Station Ecolift XL

With the Ecolift XL, KESSEL is now also supplying a hybrid lifting station for use in commercial buildings and multi-family homes. The advantage the hybrid lifting station has over traditional lifting stations is that Ecolift XL uses the efficiency of natural gradient during normal operation – the Ecolift XL only uses its pumps during times of backwater or flooding, pumping the building’s wastewater via a bypass directly into the surcharged sewer pipe.

Reliable operation

In the event of backwater, the motor-driven backwater flaps of the new hybrid lifting station close and provide maximum flood protection to the building. The pneumatic level sensor assures accurate pump operation and the alarm sensor provides an additional back-up alarm. Ecolift XL is available with pumping capacities of 1.5 kilowatt to 4.5 kilowatt. In addition, KESSEL also offers solutions tailor-made to customer requirements. The hybrid lifting station can be used for free-standing set-up connected directly to the outlet of a grease separator for example, or for outdoor underground installation.

Low-noise operation

Despite the mechanical design and insulation of traditional lifting stations they are still a constant source of noise since every liter of a building’s wastewater needs to be pumped out. In contrast, the Ecolift XL uses the natural gradient to drain waste from the building and only activates the pumps during backwater. This means that pumping operation noise only occurs in exceptional cases. This is an advantage not only for apartment blocks with basement apartments, but also for commercially or public used buildings such as offices, schools, hospitals and residential homes for the elderly.

  • free-standing installation indoors
  • minimum installation heigt outdoor underground, or in a concrete floor
  • maximum outdoor underground installation depth of 5m
  • installation in a concrete floor

Installation in an inspection chamber also possible

Ecolift XL is integrated in a newly designed, high-quality, standard-compliant polymer inspection chamber which is suitable both for installation in the ground or in concrete. The chamber is resistant to groundwater up to 3 metres and can be built up to a height of five metres. The chamber is available with an access opening of 600 millimetres in diameter and now also in a new version with a diameter of 800 millimetres.


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