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Standard inspection chambers with monolithic structure

These are complete chambers with a fixed design height.
These monolithic chambers are available with open channel passages up to Ø 400.
Alongside the upper cover section of the Komfort inspection chambers, standard covers can also be used. The standard inspection chamber Ø 1000 can be delivered in heights of up to 3000 mm and can be purchased in different channel variants.

Standard inspection chamber GT

The standard inspection chamber is now also available in the GT version - strong, black, good!

Strength that pays off. For resistance when installed into the groundwater up to an installation depth of 2.5 m.

The advantages

Additional lift protection

The standard inspection chamber GT has an additional lift-protection ring in its lower section (with contact surfaces for water level).


Advanced safety

The safe access steps in the standard inspection chamber GT are a completely new feature. The safe access steps are made of corrosion-resistant PE-HD, painted in yellow marker paint, prevent slipping and can be gripped for a safer hold when accessing the inspection chamber.

Entering and exiting are now even safer - additional access step in the upper chamber section

Standard inspection chambers Ø 600

The modern solution for public and private draining!

Not every inspection chamber has to be accessible - wherever this is not necessary, the new Ø 600 can be installed connected to an Ø 1000. This reduces material and installation costs.

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