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Extension rings

Concrete extension rings! Often fractured or cracked before they reach the construction site, many concrete rings break before they are installed. The real economic damage is done, however, when the chambers fail the final inspection after sections or whole roads have been completed, and rings then have to be replaced. In most cases this then means: The asphalt layer around the chamber has to be opened up, the cover pulled off and the rings replaced, followed by sufficient re-surfacing work. Costs for this: 300 euros and more sometimes.
This re-work and these costs can be avoided by using extension rings from KESSEL. Made of fracture-proof and durable polymer material, these extension rings withstand blows and impact during storage, transportation and installation.

Product advantages

  • Fracture-proof and durable: High resistance to impact, elongation and bending forces protect the extension ring from fractures and tension cracks before, during and after installation.
  • No displacement: Radial moulding secures the rings from being displaced in relation to one another.
  • Easy installation – low weight: The rings are installed in the same way as conventional concrete rings – though at a weight of only 2 kg to 9 kg – they are a great deal lighter!

Plastic extension rings


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