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Wastewater Lifting Stations

Lifting and pumping stations from KESSEL

Quite often, grey water and black water cannot be carried off because the sewer is higher than the drainage point in the basement (cellar). In this case, a lifting station or pump has to be used. Lifting stations pump the wastewater into the sewer via pressure pipes. According to DIN 12056-4 the pressure pipe must be routed above the backwater level.

Selection criteria:

for wastewater containing raw sewage
  • Black water (wastewater containing raw sewage):

    When toilets and urinals need draining, sewage lifting stations must be used. The lifting stations of the type Aqualift F are available for optional installation inside or outside buildings. All lifting stations are also available as twin stations.

    => Lifting stations for black water (containing sewage)

for wastewater without raw sewage
  • for wastewater without raw sewage
  • for wastewater containing raw sewage


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