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Aqualift F Compact lifting stations - for installation in a concrete floor

The sewage lifting station Aqualift F Compact can be cast directly into the concrete with the chamber ready for installation. The telescopic upper section permits flexible adaptation to the required installation height. It can be turned, tilted and freely height-adjusted. Acoustic insulation between the pump and collecting tank prevents bothersome noise. Installation is also possible in waterproof concrete when the gasket set is used.

The pump can be removed completely without tools for ease of service. When the pump has been removed, the backwater valve prevents wastewater from the pressure pipe flowing back. In addition, the optimised hydraulics of the Aqualift F Compact guarantee the reduction of deposits and thus problem-free operation. The plug & play control unit with integrated SDS (self-diagnosis system) and battery buffering provides additional liability. The SDS continually monitors all electric components and keeps an electronic operating log which can be downloaded for diagnosis purposes.

KESSEL-typical advantages:

  • Chamber ready for underground installation
  • Installation in waterproof concrete
  • Integrated drainage function for discharging wastewater even in the event of a pipe burst or flooding
  • Maximum safety through SDS Comfort control unit
  • Available as single or twin pump lifting station
  • Tool free pump removal
  • Also available for free standing installation


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Product Details: Installation in a concrete floor

Product Details: Free standing installation

Performance Diagram:

Performance diagram Aqualift F Compact


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