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Aqualift F Duo lifting stations - for apartment blocks or small scale industrial use

Lifting station Aqualift F Duo installation example

How it works

The lifting station comprises two automatic pumps with sensor control, a polymer tank and the respective feed, ventilation and pressure pipe connections. There is a backflow protection device installed in the pressure pipe The wastewater from the individual drainage points is fed into the lifting station through the inlet pipe. As soon as a certain water level has been reached in the tank, the pump switches on automatically and feeds the wastewater through the pressure pipe via the backwater loop to the sewer.

Installation advantages

  • Simple connection of inlet, ventilation and manual diaphragm pump through moulded connecting piece
  • Variable connection possibilities through pre-scored areas on the side.
  • Simple pressure pipe connection Ø 110
  • Fully automatic operation through electrical switch unit with manual-0-automatic switch, optical and acoustic fault and alarm signals, detailed operation and fault display.
  • Pneumatic level detection free of soiling and problems.
  • Servicing-friendly PE tank.
  • Alternating pump operation during normal wastewater discharge.
  • The second pump is switched on automatically in the case of increased wastewater discharge.


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Product Details:

Performance Diagram:

Performance diagram Aqualift F


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