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Lifting Stations for Grey Water (wastewater without sewage)

Lifting station Aqualift S

Products for installation in a concrete slab/floor

The use of basements to supplement living accommodation is becoming more and more important. Quite often, showers or washing facilities are located in the basement. For such applications, KESSEL supplies lifting stations for installation in the concrete floor. These lifting stations simply disappear in the ground and offer another special advantage. The drain integrated in the cover absorbs all surface water. Even in the event of a pipe burst or leak, the pump discharges water continually over the backwater level.

Aqualift S 28500
  • Aqualift S
    Wastwater lifting station for one-family homes. Available as single pump lifting station with float control, or as twin pump system with sensor and control unit.
Minilift 28570
  • Minilift
    Wastewater in one-familly homes (ideal for renovation)

Products for fee standing set-up

Free-standing lifting stations can be installed very easily and without a great deal of expenditure and can easily be placed in an existing basement room.

Lifting station Aqualift S for fee standing set-up
Minilift lifting station for free standing set-up
  • Minilift
    Wastewater in one-familly homes (ideal for renovation)


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