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Lifting stations Aqualift S for wastewater without sewage

Installation example lifting station Aqualift S

Disposes reliably of washwater via a pressure pipe to the sewer. The lifting station is available both with float control and with sensor control. The upper section can be turned, tilted and height-adjusted, allowing infinite height and level adjustment during installation. Turning the cover allows it to be matched to the tile pattern. The KESSEL gasket set provides safe protection against water pressure. Different feed pipes e.g. for shower, washing machine and sink can be attached by simply scoring the areas at the side. Pump capacity: 500 Watt.

Product advantages

  • Absolutely waterproof thanks to installation of the gasket set (Art. # 83023) in waterproof concrete
  • Simple pressure pipe connection with KESSEL pressure pipe set (Art. # 28040)
  • Connection of further feed pipes by scoring open the areas at the side.
  • Integrated floor drain, drains any water from basement floor.

Product Details

Performance Diagram:

Performance diagram Aqualift S


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