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Pumping station Aqualift F in inspection chamber system Ø 1000 for wastewater with or without sewage

Installation example pumping station Aqualift
Pumping station Aqualift F according to EN 752 for underground installation

The pumping station is available as either a single or twin station. The pumping stations are especially suitable for deeper installation situations. The modular design allows several adapters to be used to realise almost any installation depth. The tried-and-tested telescopic upper cover section allows the infinite compensation of heights of up to 500 mm. In addition, the upper cover section can be tilted by up to 5° which allows optimum installation in sloped driveways too, for example. The cover piece adapts to the floor level where there are drops in floor level.

Product advantages

  • For installations with explosion proof requirements.
  • With macerating / cutting pump (TPF 1.3 / 1.9).
  • Komfort control unit (optional) with mains power ON / OFF switch and multilingual digital display (EN, DE, FR, IT, PL, NL) showing current operational status, settings and logbook.
  • Simple installation thanks to the low weight of the chamber components and easy connection technique.
  • Fast installation thanks to high degree of pre-fabrication (bottom part of chamber with pressure pipe) and simple connection using fixed connecting pieces for inlet, pressure pipe and ventilation and through bore holes with lip seals for cable piping.
  • Long-term reliability thanks to the absolutely water-tight chamber system which is resistant to sedimentary deposts and aggressive media as well as root infiltration.
  • Fully automated operation with an electrical switch unit with manual, off and automatic mode, optical and acoustic warning and alarm signals, detailed operation and warning display.
  • Simple pump servicing through integrated guide pipes.
  • Variable upper section
  • for wastewater with or without sewage
  • Optional Komfort control unit

Product Details:

Performance Diagram:

Performance diagram TPF 1.3 and TPF 1.9


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