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Rainwater storage tanks

Rainwater storage tanks Aqabase are available in standard capacities of 3,000, 4,500, 6,000 and 9,000 litres. Larger useful volume can be achieved by connected several tanks together. The tanks are installed in the ground and are available in load classes A/B and D.

The KESSEL dimensioning sheet offers practical help with dimensioning the cisterns.

Storage tank versions

Rainwater storage tank Aqabase® Komfort

  • <b/>Inlet pipe with integrated feed slowdown
  • Outlet pipe with overflow siphon
  • Upper cover section class A/B.

Rainwater storage tank Aqabase® Standard

  • Inlet pipe with feed slowdown
  • Overflow siphon
  • Can be retrofitted with telescopic height-adjustable upper cover section class B

Rainwater storage tank Aqabase® - for the green area.

Rainwater storage tanks Aqabase Komfort

Rainwater storage tanks Aqabase Standard

Rainwater storage tanks Aqabase


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