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Biological grease treatment BIFENA


Generally speaking, DIN 1986-100 requires the use of grease separators in all companies where wastewater containing grease occurs.

When grease separators are used, the wastewater at the outlet has a residual value of lipophilic materials of about 300 mg/l. Since authorities in many cities focus particularly on this parameter, more cleaning stages are required downstream from the grease separators.

At the moment, however, there are no standard specifications for this. The limit values permitted are specified by the local authorities.

If a reduction of lipophilic materials to under 300 mg/l is required on account of official specifications, the wastewater from the grease separator has to be subject to further wastewater treatment.

Measures by the authorities

Exceeding limit values can cause measures that will be charged.

  • Taking over the costs for checking the limit values. If the values are exceeded, the causer must bear the costs (depending on the measurement between € 200 and 300)
  • A fine will be charged for an offence (depending on the statutes and community involved up to € 10,000 / infringement)
  • Increase in heavy soiling charge
  • Refusal of operating licence in the case of "repeated, non-permitted discharge".

The dimensioning of BIFENA systems is carried out on the basis of a wastewater analysis by our technical experts.

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