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Grease Separators - For A Clean Environment

Grease separator

In businesses which produce wastewater containing fat, oil or grease (FOG), grease separators - also known as grease traps or interceptors - must be installed in accordance with EN 1825 and DIN 4040-100 in order to prevent damage to sewer pipes and wastewater treatment facilities. Typical areas of application are thus butchers shops, slaughterhouses or frying and canteen kitchens.

The nominal size of the separator mainly depends on the waste water quantity. First, the constructional circumstances must be clarified.

inside building

Whenever odour emissions should be avoided during grease disposal, grease separators for free standing installation should be used.

exterior installation

For reasons of space, the grease separator system must be installed outside the building => Grease separators for underground installation:


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