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Grease separator Euro PV+S (Auto Mix & Pump)

Installation example grease separator Euro PV+S

Euro PV+S (Auto Mix & Pump) grease separators are designed according to EN 1825-1 and are equipped with a fully automated disposal, self-cleaning and refill system. These separators distinguish themselves through their ease of installation and nearly maintenance free characteristics.

The advantage of the Auto Mix & Pump grease separators is that a complete disposal can take place through permanently installed disposal lines while the covers of the separator remain closed. With this advantage, the disposal truck can hook up to a connection on an exterior wall of the building so that the pump of the grease separator can pump the separator contents into the waiting disposal truck without any unpleasant odors escaping. After the contents of the separator have been pumped out, the interior of the separator is automatically rinsed and cleaned with warm water in a multi-step automated process. The complete procedure occurs with the press of a button and is also available with a remote control system so that the driver of the disposal vehicle can handle the entire procedure without the necessity of any building personnel being present.

KESSEL - Professional Advantages

  • Programm controlled
    Program-controlled disposal and rinsing device.

  • Shredder-Mix-System
    The Shredder-Mix-System serves to circulate and comminute the whole tank content of the grease separator.

  • Powerfull Pumps
    One / Two 3.0 kW pumps for a clean and odour-free disposal and cleaning.

  • On-site grease separator assembly
    With a team of KESSEL specialists, the grease separators can also be custom assembled on location. This allows larger grease separator to be used in existing buildings with limited access to the room in which the grease separator will be installed.

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