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Grease Separators Euro For Free-Standing Installation

Grease separator

Treatment for large scale kitchen and restaurant wastewater – Grease Separator sizes NS 15 – NS 30!

Grease separators are available in numerous sizes which are classified as NS (Nominal Size) and based on the maximum allowable wastewater flow in liters per second. Grease separators for use in normal sized restaurants or kitchens fall into the standard NS 2 to NS 10 range. For larger applications such as international hotels, shopping malls and hospitals which produce high volumes of wastewater during kitchen operation, larger dimensioned grease separators are required.

The KESSEL Euro-Series grease separators for above ground, indoor installation are exactly designed to handle these applications and are available in sizes NS 15 to NS 30 and above.

Multiple Separator Disposal Options

The basic difference between the available KESSEL grease separators is how they are emptied / disposed of when full. From the entry level Basic separator with manual disposal to the top end version Auto Mix & Pump with hands free, fully automated disposal and cleaning, KESSEL offers the full range of separators to choose from.

Euro Basic (G)
Basic grease separator version.

Euro Standard (D)
Grease separator with direct disposal connection.

Euro Mix (D+S)
Grease separator with direct disposal connection and Shredder-Mix-System.

Euro Auto Mix (D+SP)
Grease separator with direct disposal connection and fully-automated Shredder-Mix-System.

Euro Mix & Pump (M+S)
Grease separator with semi-automated disposal, rinsing device and Shredder-Mix-System.

Grease separator

Euro Auto Mix & Pump (PV+S)
Grease separator with fully automated disposal, rinsing device and Shredder-Mix-System.

Size calculation

SmartSelect calculation and selection software for lifting stations and pumps.

SmartSelect makes it possible to size and specify separators according to EN by using up to three calculation methods.


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