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Coalescence separators according to EN 858 and DIN 1999-100, Class I

Coalescence separators work according to the principle of gravity. To increase coalescence performance or improve draining values, there is an additional coalescence filter insert in the tank in comparison with oil/fuel separators. This cylindrical-shaped filter insert has two functions. Firstly, it has a positive influence on the flow in the separator, secondly the coalescence material filters the whole wastewater.

Coalescence separator

Installation advantages

  • Effective function.
  • Compact design sizes.
  • Cost-saving right from the word go.
  • Fracture-proof and durable.
  • Leak-tightness up to ground level guaranteed.
  • Cover class D - traffic proof for trucks.
  • Variable upper section: Can be tilted and height-adjusted.
  • Low servicing costs thanks to easy-clean inside surface.
  • Coalescence insert can be removed and cleaned easily.
  • Only one float calibration for all light liquids.
  • 20-year guarantee for PE material.
  • SonicControl automated fuel level measuring System as accessory.

Coalescence separators NS 3-15

Coalescence separators NS 3-6


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