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Oil/fuel separators according to EN 858 and DIN 1999-100, Class II

Oil/fuel separators are used to protect water and sewage systems from soiling through mineral oils. Thanks to the principle of gravity, the almost insoluble mineral components rise to the top of the wastewater on account of their low specific gravity and collect on the surface.

Oil- Fuel separator

Installation advantages

  • Effective function
  • Compact design sizes
  • Cost-saving right from the word go
  • Fracture-proof and durable
  • Leak-tightness up to ground level guaranteed
  • Cover class D - traffic proof for trucks
  • Variable upper cover section: Can be tilted and height-adjusted
  • Low servicing costs thanks to easy-clean inside surface
  • Simple retrofitting of oil separators to coalescence separators
  • Only one float calibration for all light liquids.
  • 20-year guarantee for PE material

Product Details: NS 1,5

Product Details: NS 3 - 15


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