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Re-Development Project – Super Sized

The old commercial center of Doha, the capitol of Qatar, is receiving a make-over that is impossible to miss. The re-developed 31 hectare site, comprised of domestic and commercial properties, culture and entertainment areas,...[more]

Category: Middle East, Lifting Stations, Grease Separators


Fairmont Hotel Dubai - A luxury hotel modeled after an Arabic tower

Modeled after an Arabic wind tower, this 34-storey luxury Dubai hotel features 394 guestrooms. Designed with business in mind, this multi-use complex is just minutes from Dubai's key attractions, shopping facilities, golf clubs...[more]

Category: Drains and Channels, Grease Separators, Middle East


Beijing Beichen Century Center & Hotel

This architectural masterpiece of steel and glass is a luxury hotel in the north part of Beijing with an easy access to Airport, Great Wall, all historical sightseeing spots and major business centers. The hotel combines a choice...[more]

Category: Grease Separators, China


Madinat Al Jumeirah Dubai - A resort designed like a traditional Arabian town

With spreading across over 40 hectares of landscapes and gardens the luxurious 5 star resort Madinat Jumeirah is the largest resort in the United Arabian Emirates, it is designed to resemble a traditional Arabian town. The...[more]

Category: Middle East, Drains and Channels


DC-Towers – a new landmark for Vienna

The French star architect Dominique Perrault, who gained an international name for himself after designing the National Library in Paris, has prepared a master plan for all the remaining areas of the VIENNA DC Donau-City which,...[more]

Category: Grease Separators, Fuel Separators, Lifting Stations, Austria


Fascinating all-round - the rotating restaurant at the peak of the Hoher Kasten near Appenzell, Switzerland.

Hoher Kasten

The rotating restaurant building is mounted in such a way that it is rotated by electric motors controlled by a gearbox. Guests can thus enjoy the complete 360° panorama without having to leave their seat. For those who enjoy...[more]

Category: Grease Separators, Switzerland


Zürich Airport – where quality is written with a capital Q.

Zürich airport

Zürich airport is the largest airport in Switzerland. In 2009 more than eight million travellers surveyed by Skytrax voted it the best airport in Europe; it came fourth world-wide. In 2012 the airport received the World Travel...[more]

Category: Grease Separators, Switzerland

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