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Grease separators for self-disposal

Separators for self-disposal (e.g. grease separator "SE-Premium") work according to the principle of gravity. The settling sediment sinks to the bottom of the separator (sludge trap), whilst the lighter grease collects in the upper region. A heating system ensures that the grease remains in a flowable state.

In contrast to grease separators for complete disposal, in the case of a grease separator for self-disposal the entire wastewater content is not removed. Depending upon the quantity of grease/oil and sludge collected, the sedimentation is siphoned off manually into the collecting barrels once a day. Once the barrels are full, they can be delivered to a disposal company.

The particular advantage is that in the case of separators for self-disposal, only the wastewater portion (Grease/Oil and Sludge) is removed, whilst the water portion (approx. 90% of the separator contents) remains in the separator. This leads to reduced disposal costs.

Grease separators for self-disposal (fresh grease separators) are always used where it is difficult to empty the grease separator using disposal vehicles. This is the case, for example, on ships or restaurants that are hard to reach.


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