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Installation Grease Separators "D+S"

KESSEL Version "D+S" grease separators are designed according to EN 1825-1 and are equipped with a manually controlled pump for mixing and cleaning of the separator´s contents and inner walls. These separators distinguish themselves through their ease of installation and nearly maintenance free characteristics.

The advantage of the Version "D+S" separators is that disposal can take place through permanently installed disposal lines while the twin covers of the separator remain closed. With this advantage, the disposal truck hooks up to a connection on an exterior wall of the building and, using its own pump, draws out the complete contents of the separator without any unpleasant odours escaping. The Shredder-Mix-System macerates and liquefies its contents and also cleans its interior walls simultaneously. This prepared wastewater is then siphoned into the waiting disposal vehicle.

According to DIN V 4040-2, the complete contents of the separator should be emptied, the unit cleaned and refilled with clean cold water every fourteen days or at a minimum of once every month.

Installation hints:

  • A sampling chamber is to be installed immediately after the grease
  • The separator is installed completely level on a flat and firm surface in a
    frost free area.
  • The height of the room in which the separator is installed should
    allow easy removal and access of the two separator covers.
  • In the case that the outlet of the separator is located below the locally defined backwater level, a lifting station is to be installed according to DIN EN 12056. In situations where the interruption of separator service is not permissible, a lifting station with double pumps is to be installed.


  • The KESSEL “D+S” grease separator is ideal for installations where the presence of strong odors during disposal of the separator´s contents can not be permitted.
  • The “Shredder-Mix-System” liquifies, macerates and cleans the separator´s contents all in one step.
  • In circumstances where large amounts of sludge are expected (i.e. slaughterhouses / meat processing plants), the separator should be equipped with two macerating pumps - one pump for the wastewater and grease, the second pump solely for the sludge. For further information please contact your KESSEL distributor.


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