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Installation Grease Separators G

KESSEL Version "G" separators are designed according to EN 1825-1. These separators distinguish themselves through their ease of installation and nearly maintenance free characteristics.
According to DIN V 4040-2, the complete contents of the separator should be emptied, the unit cleaned and refilled with clean cold water every fourteen days or at a minimum of once every month. To empty the contents of the separator the odour tight covers need to be removed. The suction hose of the disposal truck is then used to empty and rinse the inside of the separator.

Installation hints:

  • It is important that a testing or sampling chamber is installed after the outlet side of the separator.
  • The separator is installed completely level on a flat and firm surface in a frost free area.
  • The height of the room in which the separator is installed should allow easy removal of and access to the two lids.
  • In the case that the outlet of the separator is located below the local defined backwater level, a lifting station is to be installed according to DIN 1986-7. In situations where the interruption of separator service is not allowable, a lifting station with double pumps is to be installed.


The KESSEL Version "G" separator can be upgraded to a KESSEL version "D" separator (with permanently installed disposal lines) at any time. The KESSEL Version "G" separator should only be installed in areas where:

  • the release of strong and aggressive odors will not pose a problem
  • accessing the separator with the disposal hose of the disposal truck will not cause problems or inconveniences. 


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