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Separator function based on EN 1825

(1) Inlet, (2) Ventilation pipe, (3) Refill equipment, (4) Separation chamber (5) Inspection window, (6) Outlet, (7) Sampling chamber

The KESSEL Euro separator based on Euro-Norm EN 1825 (as seen in the illustration above) consists of a grease separation chamber with an integrated sludge trap located at the bottom. Following the separator is a sampling chamber.

Wastewater containing oils and grease is guided into the separator by a pacifying pipe which allows the wastewater to be slowly and evenly distributed into the separator preventing fast flowing wastewater from disturbing the separation process inside the chamber. The separation of the light material (grease and fats) and the heavier material (sludge) from the wastewater is all accomplished by the force of gravity. Heavily emulsified greases and oils may not be completely separable with the gravity method.

What can enter the separator ?

Only wastewater containing organic greases and oils, which are required to be separated from the water, should be allowed into the separator. Under no circumstances should sewage, rainwater or wastewater containing mineral oils (hydrocarbon based) be allowed to enter the separator.

Examples of what should be connected to a separator: floor drains with odor traps, drainage channels, sinks, dishwashing machines and cooking vats.

Sludge separation chamber

The sludge separator serves to collect sludge / sediment which sinks to the bottom of the chamber due to its density being greater than that of the density of water.

Grease separation chamber

In the grease separation chamber, organic greases and oils (being less dense than water) separate from the wastewater and rise to the surface of the chamber. As more wastewater enters the chamber, the layer of separated greases and oils builds from the top down until the grease separation chamber is full and the entire chamber is then emptied.


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