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Underground Installation for Grease Separators

KESSEL Version "G" separators are designed according to EN 1825-1. These separators distinguish themselves through their ease of installation and nearly maintenance free characteristics.
According to DIN V 4040-2, the complete contents of the separator should be emptied, the unit cleaned and refilled with clean cold water every fourteen days or at a minimum of every month. To empty the contents of the separator the cover needs to be removed. The separator is then completely emptied and cleaned by the disposal truck.
The underground separator should be located as close as possible to the fixtures (drains) to which it is connected. If locating the separator in close proximity to the fixtures is not possible, heated drainage piping should be used between the fixtures and the separator. It is important to note that the inlet level of the separator must always be located below the frost level. This can be accomplished by the use of the vertically adjustable upper section and
by the use of an extension section when necessary. The separator manhole covers for load classes B (12.5 ton) and D (40.0 ton) are odor tight and secured with bolts according to EN 124.

Installation hints

  • The underground separator must be placed on a firm and level base of compacted sand or gravel which will be able to support the predetermined loads.
  • The separator should then be placed in the prepared hole and filled with water to the outlet level.
  • The hole should be then filled and thoroughly compacted at equal increments (approx 0.5 meters) with sand or gravel. For separators needing to withstand heavy tractor trailer loads (up to 40.0 ton), please consult KESSEL for installation instructions.
  • Connect the inlet and outlets of the separator to the drainage piping.
  • Separators for underground installation below the groundwater level are available from KESSEL upon request.


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